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Aqua Baby

Aqua Baby classes are group lessons designed to help infants become more comfortable in the aquatic environment and begin learning some basic techniques. 


Infants 6 months to 24 months are perfect for this option. There are numerous benefits for Aqua Baby classes including:

  • Bilateral cross-patterning movements, which help both sides of the body to carry out an action and helps your baby's brain grow
  • Promotes neuron function throughout the brain to simulate reading skills, language development, academic learning, and spatial awareness down the road 
  • Significant advances in physical and mental development when compared to non-swimming peers (4 year study over 7,000 children conducted by Griffith University in Australia)
  • Improved social skills in a group setting 
  • Increases self-esteem, greater self-control, and increased confidence due to the benefits of the bonding experience
  • Multiple studies have shown a decrease in drowning risk by as much as 88% in children aged 1-4 who had taken swim lessons.
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In the class, your child will be taught to become comfortable in the water, they will:

  • Learn to blow bubbles
  • Learn to go under water 
  • Learn to float
  • Learn to roll over
  • Learn to kick
  • Learn to use their arms
  • Learn to swim back to steps 
  • Once the child puts it together, that child is ready for swim lessons!