Northshore Swim
Swim lessons for all ages


Northshore Swim is a year-round swim instruction facility that is family owned and operated. We have been proudly serving the Northshore since 1998 and have taught hundreds of swimmers how to swim in the community. 

Open Year-Around

During the summer months, the pool is open to the outdoors surrounded by a lush, tropical landscape, decorated with kid-friendly decor to excite and welcome all swimmers, and kid-friendly music is playing during the lessons to help engage all swimmers. Parents are welcome to stay and watch at one of the several umbrella covered tables, or watch from the air-conditioned pool house where there is a restroom and changing facilities.

For the fall, winter and spring months, the pool is enclosed and the water heated. An air-filled dome structure is placed over the pool and deck area providing a comfortable environment to learn and watch. Year round swimming is strongly encouraged in order to attain full proficiency as any skill is mastered with practice and repetition. In addition, year round swim provides the best opportunity for swimmers to achieve the safety, cardio-conditioning, and confidence that comes from long-term skill development. For safety and health reasons, it is an excellent way for children to stay active and engaged all year while learning a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives. Research shows the most optimal results come from year round swimming.


Our facility is designed to enhance the learning, fun, and safety for every swimmer at Northshore Swim.  We have brightly colored, kid-friendly decor throughout our aquatic environment, and we play Disney-themed music to help further engage your child. We provide goggles, kickboards, and water toys to enhance instruction and motivation.  Our pristine pool is a 32,000 gallon heated pool with a 50' lap lane and a 16'x20' teaching square.  It is large enough to teach the skill without being overwhelming to a child.  

The pool is heated to 90 degrees year round for comfort.  In cooler months, our pool is fully covered.  We also treat our water with a Solar Eclipse Del Ozone with UV Sanitation System that safely kills bacteria, viruses, algae, mold, and mildew, including Cryptosporidium parvum.  With this system, the pool is able to operate with much lower chlorine levels and is even more protected than normal overly chlorinated pools! That means less eye, skin, and respiratory irritation for your child.  We are the only commercial pool on the northshore that has this technology as safety, comfort, and cleanliness are our top priorities.  Our pool is also commercially tested to ensure proper chlorine levels at all times.