Northshore Swim
Swim lessons for all ages


All the instructors are very encouraging and positive...

"Four weeks ago my three-year-old daughter (almost four) started swimming lessons, and I wish we had started earlier. The owner of Northshore Swimming, Ms. Gitte, is a very experienced and knowledgeable swimming instructor who has a well-trained staff (many are her alums)that provide excellent, effective swimming skills. All the instructors are very encouraging and positive towards the efforts of each swimmer, young and old. After four weeks, my daughter can recover if she loses her grip on the side of pool, can fearlessly navigate underwater ,and can also swim across the pool with some assistance. She still is learning to coordinate her kicking with her strokes, but every day we see her improving. She will continue with Northshore swimming as we are very pleased with her progress but know she has a ways to go to hone her swimming skills. This is the place to get started!"

-Anne B, Google review

Mark Becnel