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We will continue to take lessons yearly at Northshore Swim!

"Our daughter has been taking lessons from Mrs. Gitte and her wonderful staff every year for the last few years. They have been very patient and encouraging throughout our lessons with them. She was very apprehensive when she started lessons at 2 years old and spent many lessons crying and not wanting to learn to swim. Mrs. Gitte and her staff spent those lessons calming her down and encouraging her to keep trying. She is now 5, swimming all the way across the lap lane on her own, and loving every minute of lessons! 
I highly recommend Northshore Swim. They really take the time with each child and adjust the lessons to accommodate the needs of each individual child. We will continue to take lessons yearly at Northshore Swim!"

-Amanda B, Facebook review

Mark Becnel
The aqua baby class was perfect for our 18 month old.

"Can not go on enough about how amazing Northshore Swim is! Our two boys have grown so much during their lessons. Our 5 year old went from not being able to swim, to swimming the whole pool forward and on his back! The aqua baby class was perfect for our 18 month old. He screamed for the first two weeks, but the third week, he was crying to get back in after the lesson was over. He is now able to hold his breath, paddle, kick, and crawl with his hands along the wall. 
We can not thank Miss Gitta and Anna enough for all of their hard work with our boys! We drive an hour to go to Northshore Swim and we wouldn't do it any other way! It has exceeded our expectations!"

-Tiffany L, Facebook review

Mark Becnel
Words can not explain how pleased I am with Northshore Swim.

"Words can not explain how pleased I am with Northshore Swim. Mrs.Gitte and her staff are incredible. My oldest has been swimming with her since he was 2. Troy is now 9 years old. He loves that they are teaching him how to perfect his strokes. My youngest is doing phenomenal for his age. Cai just started coming up for air while kicking and using his arms. Learning to swim is a milestone that every child should conquer while they are little. There is no other place I would recommend. I would also recommend booking with her during the winter months. She has a great enclosure that keeps her heated pool warm."

-Angella G, Google review

Mark Becnel
All the instructors are very encouraging and positive...

"Four weeks ago my three-year-old daughter (almost four) started swimming lessons, and I wish we had started earlier. The owner of Northshore Swimming, Ms. Gitte, is a very experienced and knowledgeable swimming instructor who has a well-trained staff (many are her alums)that provide excellent, effective swimming skills. All the instructors are very encouraging and positive towards the efforts of each swimmer, young and old. After four weeks, my daughter can recover if she loses her grip on the side of pool, can fearlessly navigate underwater ,and can also swim across the pool with some assistance. She still is learning to coordinate her kicking with her strokes, but every day we see her improving. She will continue with Northshore swimming as we are very pleased with her progress but know she has a ways to go to hone her swimming skills. This is the place to get started!"

-Anne B, Google review

Mark Becnel
A great program to teach your child to swim...

"Wonderful and attentive instructors in a fun and safe environment! Our daughter has had numerous lesson sessions here, starting at a very young age. She has a lot of fun each time she attends and looks forward to her lessons! The staff are also very patient in assisting in individualizing lessons for children based upon their own individual needs. I highly recommend Northshore Swim to any parent wishing for a great program to teach your child to swim and to be safe around pools."

-Dennis J, Facebook review

Mark Becnel
I would HIGHLY recommend.

"We have been asked to leave other reputable programs by numerous other swim instructors, due to the fact our child has some special needs. However, Northshore Swim is the only place to actually work with us. Today he and his sister are beginning to flourish..truly fun to watch them ask to go to Swim. If you're looking for premium teaching with patience and flexibility, I would HIGHLY recommend."

-Ryan G, Google review

Mark Becnel